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The People Behind the Scenes


Executive Director

Polly Tommey is the mother of Bella, Toby and Billy. Billy, now 20, was diagnosed with autism at the age of two after receiving an MMR vaccine and regressing into his own world, losing all language, social skills and eye contact. In her role as a leading autism advocate and activist, she has been a spokesperson for individuals and families living with autism. Polly has appeared in print and television media around the globe and has tirelessly initiated autism campaigns designed to increase awareness of autism both among political leaders and in society at large. A book she co-authored, Autism—a practical guide to supporting your child’s quality of life, was released by Piatkus in 2011. Meanwhile, the Autism Media Channel, which Polly founded in 2001, has produced over 60 videos for the European Sky Information Channel and has launched several successful documentaries and films, including Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis? and VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE.



Executive Director

Brian Burrowes began working with the Autism Media Channel team in 2009. A producer, editor, motion graphics and visual effects artist from Toronto, Canada, who relocated to Austin, Texas, in 1999, Brian has worked in film and television, producing, editing and creating visual effects for feature films, documentaries, and numerous television commercials. His clients have ranged from ESPN to Time Warner Cable. As a cinematographer he filmed behind the scenes for Troublemaker Studio’s productions of Predators, Spy Kids 4 and Sin City 2 and did second unit photography on Bright Shining City Production’s Deeper and Deeper. Brian first teamed up with Andrew Wakefield and Polly Tommey as co-producer and editor of the award-winning documentaries WHO KILLED ALEX SPOURDALAKIS? and VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE.  Brian became a partner in the Autism Media Channel in 2013.



Executive Director

Tobias Tommey is the son of Polly and Jonathan and brother to Bella and Billy, the latter of whom has autism. Growing up, media and production became second nature to Tommey, as he worked behind the scenes at the Autism Media Channel, the Autism Mother’s show, and The Autism File magazine. Recognizing the urgency of the vaccine-crisis in the country and the growing power of independent media, Tommey put aside his college studies in business management to join the VAXXED NATION TOUR, helping to document and publish the stories on the ground of families who, like his own, are living with vaccine injury. Tommey joined forces with Brian Burrowes to create a Roku channel in an effort to fight the ongoing censorship of the parents’ stories. Peeps TV now hosts more than 500 videos. In 2018, Tommey co-founded Tommey Burrowes Productions with Brian Burrowes and set about producing the sequel to VAXXED, his first feature film, titled VAXXED II: THE PEOPLE’S TRUTH.


Bella Tommey is the daughter of Polly and Jonathan and sister to Billy and Toby. At the age of 15, Bella was elected by a leading TV program, "Battlefront" (which aired on the UK’s Channel 4 network), to initiate an international campaign for the purpose of raising awareness of the prevalence of autism. In that role, she helped unveil the many “hidden” abilities expressed by individuals diagnosed with autism. Through this campaign, Bella connected with many young people who had vaccine-injured family members, as she does. From her work with "Battlefront," Bella went on to set up several leading sibling support groups and manage the Junior Board of the Autism Trust. She has also proudly advocated for the "VAXXED" movement with the goal of achieving positive change and outcomes for this generation and future generations. She is the founder of Bella’s Bakehouse, a gluten-dairy-sugar-free bakery catering to those who, like her brother Billy, are on restricted diets. Bella is currently studying journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. She hopes to be an investigative journalist focused on spreading the truth about medical and health issues in society.

Director of Programming


Medical Consultant

​Dr. Suzanne is a conventionally educated medical doctor who specialized in internal medicine and nephrology from 1993 to 2011. In 2009 she began to notice kidney malfunction in conjunction with vaccines in her own patients. In 2011 she left her conventional medical practice to study the vaccine issue more closely and eventually published her book Dissolving Illusions with Roman Bystrianyk in 2013. She continues to value and implement the beneficial aspects of conventional medicine, integrated with holistic and immune system enhancing interventions. Her second book, an entertaining and educational autobiography Rising From The Dead was published in 2016. Both books are available on Amazon. In 2016, Dr. Suzanne met Polly Tommey and traveled the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand with her, hearing first-hand what parents around the world have seen in their own children, hearing medical professionals attest to vaccine damage and why they are now against the practice of vaccination. She has current board certifications in internal medicine and nephrology. Her website is



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