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Wallis: 1 in 64 In a two-part series, we follow Wallis, a young boy diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at age seven, through his early school years.

Sam and Mickey In this series, the A-Team follows and transforms the life of mother Samantha and her four-year-old son Mickey, who has severe vaccine injury from the MMR.

Julie in the Kitchen A collection of cooking videos with Nutritionist Julie Matthews.

Living With Autism A five-part series focusing on what it's like to live with autism.


Don't Miss:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries: Adjuvants and Conflicts of Interest A brief history of the additive aluminum, with some discussion of the polio vaccine and the conflict of interest between the pharmaceutical companies and research funding. I Want Everyone to Hear Him Isabella Thomas, the mother of four boys, two of which are vaccine injured, tells of her sons' physical and behavioral changes after receiving vaccines when young. Eric & Ronnie Eric's father tells the heartbreaking story of his son's seizures and ultimate death from the DPT vaccines given at 6 months old. They Know This father and grandfather speak of their observations of vaccine pitfalls over the past 45 years. He Was Seizing Over and Over Hannah speaks of her experience with a lack of informed consent after she expressed her concerns to her general practitioner at her son's four-month visit. Her son, Alphie, now experiences repeated seizures.


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