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Effective Activism

Christina Hildebrand, who started A Voice for Choice organization in California, and Dr. Suzanne discuss suggestions for medical and vaccine freedom advocacy, whether in conversation with a legislator or a friend.

Fear of the Unknown

Mistakenly given the Gardasil shot, along with multiple other vaccines at 18 months old, this baby was taken by CPS and her mother blamed for negligence.

Dead after 4 month shot

From Willow's heartbreaking death after her four month shots comes a glimmer of change in Georgia regarding informed consent and a repeal of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.

Team Chat and Veganism

Enjoy this chat session with the Peeps family as they tell stories of faith, hope, and nutrition. Also, see a short Roku & Peeps TV channel demonstration.

Seizures After One Year Shot

When this one year old had multiple grand mal seizures after 11 vaccines administered all at once, this mom was told by the doctor that children are allowed to have a free seizure for no reason!

Stories from the Road

Exclusive footage from the Vaxxed bus tour:

My 5 Year Old had a Stroke

Hear this committed mother's story of her two vaccine injured children.

All Three of My Sons are Vaccine Injured

These parents have become financially stretched in order to provide therapies and support services for their vaccine injured sons.

Lee's Story, Minneapolis

Vitamin K was Lee's only vaccine ever received, which left him with injuries including a hearing malfunction.

Linae's Story, Minneapolis

With the help of her mother, this articulate young lady tells of her vaccine injuries, the diagnostics, and treatments over her 12 years of life.

Don't Miss:

John Rappoport on the CDC, Vaccines and the Media

Investigative reporter, Jon Rappoport, discusses the CDC's fraudulent manipulation and cover-up of an MMR research paper and the media's lack of response thereof.

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