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Episode 1

"We will get through this!" How to resist governments' COVID vaccine campaigns.

Episode 2

Unprecedented headlines from the mainstream media warning us about the experimental nature of the mRNA COVID vaccine and of possible vaccine injury! Updates on "emergency use authorization" and global protests.

Episode 3

Discussion of headline news re: Covid-19 vaccine including India, New Zealand, Brazil, quarantines, mandates, and the military.

Episode 4

A vibrant discussion of the latest COVID headlines including the rollout of Pfizer's vaccine in the UK & concerns about vaccinating the elderly.

Episode 5

This discussion includes "preemptive programming" by Big Pharma to prepare us for vaccine deaths among the elderly and how the CDC recommends those who've had allergic reactions in the past "get the vaccine anyway."

Episode 6

Hot topics of the week: Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has an emergency meeting; adverse effects of Pfizer's Covid vaccine, the Vatican's statement on aborted fetal tissue in vaccines.

Episode 7

Discussion of news headlines: public persuasion attempts to take the Covid-19 vaccine; new coronavirus strains; vaccine certificate passports; drive-through vaccine sites; current successful lawsuits.

Episode 8

Discussion of headline news of the week: UK lockdown, RFK, Jr.'s censored rebuttal, & a New York bill that would allow detainment of contagious people. Be inspired by lawsuits filed by Children's Health Defense.

Episode 9

Death of a Florida doctor post Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, revved up vaccine propaganda, & the Pope's stunning 'hard sell' of the Covid-19 vaccine are discussed.

Episode 10

Headlines of the week including death & injuries around the world; administration pause & suspension, detention centers; all related to the Covid-19 vaccine.

Episode 11

Episode 12

Headlines of the week: Bill Gates' plans for the NEXT pandemic, monoclonal antibodies that contain cancer cells, & Covid-19 vaccine mandates for school aged children.

Headlines re: Covid-19 vaccine: new WHO guidelines, trial of children 12-15, incentives & punishments, & a bill to appeal state school vaccine laws.

Episode 13

Episode 14

Headline news of the week: United Airlines calling for vaccine passports; Moderna suggesting Covid-19 vaccine boosters; propaganda that vaccine side effects are a 'good thing.'

Censorship of prominent truth speakers; Covid-19 vaccine trials on children & infants using meningitis vaccine as placebo; blood clot disorder historically related to all vaccine use; and some good news!

Episode 15

White House & social media giants working to silence 'anti-vaxxers; UK paying participants to be in vaccine trial; global injuries & deaths from Covid-19 vaccine; unlawful mandates; some 'good news' at end of video!

Episode 16

News of the week: Pfizer attempts to require indemnification from South American countries from malice and fraud relating to Covid-19 vaccine; Merck & J&J's liaison; other shocking global news.

Episode 17

Episode 18

Contradictory guidelines re: Covid-19 that are dividing people and families; reports of deaths, injuries, miscarriages, stillborns post Covid vaccines; propaganda to keep the world in panic.

Episode 19

Episode 20

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