Episode 1

News of the week: reports of Covid vaccines causing injury & death; vaccine incentives and possible mandates for the public; the push for Covid vaccines for teens.

Episode 2

News of the week: attempts to normalize Covid-19 vaccine side effects; the latest on 'vaccine passports;' censorship; Covid-19 vaccines for children.

Episode 3

This week's news of Covid-19 vaccine: mixing and matching vaccines, trials on 2-5 year olds, vaccination "at any stage" of pregnancy, booster shots, and more.

Episode 4

Report on the rally in Connecticut to preserve the vaccine religious exemption; side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine; booster shots in the works.

Episode 5

Re: Covid-19 vaccine: fear mongering children at risk for Covid variants, global vaccine injuries, US Federal government's strategy to push the vaccine, & mandates.

Episode 6

News of Covid-19 vaccine: FDA approval pending; incentives for the jab; Pfizer's profits and desire to give jab to 2-11 year olds; Brazil's ministry of health calls for halt of jab to pregnant women.

Episode 7

Re: Covid-19 vaccine: coercion, 12-15 year olds, multiple vaccines given at once, fear mongering in the media, virus variants, vaccine discrimination, Fauci & Wuhan lab, McDonalds' promotion.

Episode 8

Alarming news: updates re: Covid-19 vaccines & children and college students; Oregon's new rule re: masks; attempts to deny "anti-vaxxers" access to health care.

Episode 9

Covid-19 vaccine topics: side effects, incentives for teens, enrollment of 6 month to 11 year olds in a new study. Also, childhood vaccine rates in Texas are down an of average 50%.

Episode 10

The CDC knows "far more about vaccine injuries than they are telling us!" Tune in for this and other news of the week.

Episode 11

Re: Covid-19 vaccine: risk vs benefit, heart inflammation in teens, breakthrough cases, domestic and global updates.

Episode 12

The latest global Covid headlines including vaccinating children, mandates, prohibitions, & injuries relating to the vaccine.

Episode 13

Episode 14

Covid-19 global vaccine updates: trials on babies, Delta variant, risks, mandates, informed consent, refusals to vaccinate.

Latest global reports re: Covid-19 vaccine: adverse events & deaths, coercion & mandates, indemnity of vaccine manufacturers.

Episode 15

Episode 16

Unvaccinated spreading Covid-19 virus? Emergency authorization for kids 5-11? Covid-19 booster shots? Tune in to learn more!

Hear this: how the divide is widening between the Coivd-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens; further attempts to censor the so-called 'vaccine misinformation.'

Episode 17

Episode 18

Current Covid-19 updates: ramped up vaccine coercion, warning of Parkinson's disease reactions post vaccinations, booster shots + more!