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Episode 1

Polly Tommey interviews Robert Kennedy, Jr., chairman of Children's Health Defense, bringing us up to date on COVID-19 vaccines, quarantine, Vaccine Safety Commission, and how to support the organized resistance!

Episode 2

“Many of us have been silent…Now is our time!” Here is the next interview of Robert Kennedy, Jr., chairman of Children's Health Defense, by Polly Tommey. Among the topics discussed are food allergies, vaxxed vs. unvaxxed studies, mandatory vaccination, & vaccine manufacturers’ indemnity.

Episode 3

In episode 3, RFK, Jr. speaks with Polly Tommey about COVID-19 vaccine, flu & mRNA vaccines, & 5G. Watch to the end for a moving piece of history!

Episode 4

Fascinating facts of Bill Gates' actions and speculation as to his motives touching on the history of polio & the DPT vaccines, African vaccine testing programs, & COVID-19 vaccine.

Episode 5

Shocking information re: aborted fetal tissue in vaccines; an historic perspective of the chemical industry in the US over the past 80 years; and inside details of the recent Montsanto lawsuits.

Episode 6

Another powerful interview by Polly Tommey wherein Robert Kennedy, Jr. shares his perspective on the COVID-19 mask debate, hydroxychloroquine, censorship, & Anthony Fauci.

Episode 7

A heartfelt interview by RFK, Jr., of JB Handley; successful Portland, OR, businessman and author of the enlightening book, HOW TO END THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC.

Episode 8

At the conclusion of his enlightening discussion with Polly Tommey concerning GAVI, COVID-19 vaccine, & MasterCard’s latest in collusion, RFK, Jr., reminds us, “Above all, we’re fighting for our children!”

Episode 9

Think you know about the Gardasil vaccine? Here is an expose of info and lies about Gardasil from around the world. Mandating it to boys for cervical cancer is a testimony to the political power of big pharma. If you are injured from the Gardasil vaccine, call the law firm mentioned in this video.

Episode 10

In Episode 10, our final episode of “TRUTH” season 1, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and actor Alec Baldwin have an in-depth discussion on the current status of public health and COVID-19.

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