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Episode 1

RFK, Jr. inspiringly discusses recent rallies in Berlin, Germany (2020), German & WWII history, surveillance and quarantine. He shares a touching moment explaining how he stays motivated. Learn from a master.

Episode 2

JP Sears, American life coach and internet comedian, has a 'brave' conversation about freedom of speech, censorship, acceptance, & political power plays.

Episode 3

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny discusses the harm COVID-19 vaccine will cause, what our future may look like, sowing seeds of information about the truth, and a bottom-up, grass-roots movement that is taking hold.

Episode 4

Thought provoking discussion with Australian advocate Taylor Winterstein on big pharma paradigm, censorship, FaceBook, vaccine freedom oppression, & conspiracy theorists.

Episode 5

What is a thought? Listen to Dr. Rafael Yuste discuss the neurotechnological research being done; how the brain works and the risks, benefits, regulations and ethics of applying that research.

Episode 6

In the latest episode of our second season of “TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kennedy interviews journalist and The Defender contributor Jeremy Hammond. The two focused on what has become a hotly debated issue in communities around the globe since the onset of the COVID crisis: mask wearing.

Episode 7

In the sixth episode of our second season of “TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kennedy and media studies professor Mark Crispin Miller had an engaging discussion of the increased efforts to censor those who question the official government/industry narrative on the COVID crisis.

Episode 8

Dr. David Martin, a global spokesperson on financial & intangible asset accountability and RFK, Jr., discuss medical patents and Dr. Anthony Fauci's interest therein.

Episode 9

Episode 10

Holocaust survivor and medical freedom pioneer, Vera Sharav, discusses protecting medical rights of minorities, the disabled, and the fragile.

In this segment, RFK, Jr., discusses vaccine safety concerns that are being ignored by mainstream media and many liberals.

Episode 11

Episode 12

RFK, Jr., and Catherine Austin Fitts, author of The Solari Report, explore who in the financial community is benefitting from the lockdowns and what their motives are.

Think you know about the Gardasil vaccine? Here is an expose of info and lies about Gardasil from around the world. Mandating it to boys for cervical cancer is a testimony to the political power of big pharma. If you are injured from the Gardasil vaccine, call the law firm mentioned in this video.

Episode 13

Episode 14

In depth description of a court ruling AGAINST Los Angeles County for an all restaurant closure mandate and an explanation of legal due process.

Russell Okung of the Carolina Panthers & his wife, Samar, discuss their support of medical freedom of choice, natural ways to boost our immune system, and how they choose to use his platform in a meaningful way.

Episode 15

Episode 16

This ethnobotanist & author exposes us to world religions that have been misrepresented or entirely omitted in history. His world view from decades of travel is unique & poignant, including his understanding of the country of Columbia

Learn of the waning trust of federal regulatory agencies, focal points of today's Covid climate, & big pharma's vaccine paradigm.

Episode 17

Episode 18

An in depth discussion about an unusual, current case in New York that challenges the validity of mandating children's vaccines, even when they are learning online and remotely.

This brilliant quantum theory expert & grassroots global leader shares Bill Gates' farming agenda, how GMO seeds are connected to chemicals, & a history of the attack on vaccine hesitancy.

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

Deep dive into the mechanism of the experimental injection for Covid-19; lack of liability of vaccine manufacturers; no requirement for placebo safety testing; review of Fauci's career.

Dr. Judy recounts her AIDS research discovery that challenged big pharma's orthodoxy narrative leading to incarceration & destruction of her career. Q&A session at end.

CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and author, journalist and former political advisor Naomi Wolf weigh in on the battle to maintain the rights put in place by our founding fathers.

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