Episode 1

Hank Aaron's death that closely followed his Covid-19 vaccine; the history of black community's mistrust of public health's focus; new developments in CHD battle with censorship.

Episode 2

Dr. McCullough shares his opinions and perspectives on coronavirus; reviews the four pillars of a pandemic response; therapeutic nihilism; stunning stories of censorship.

Episode 3

An extraordinary story of persecution and domination of corporate power. The level of abuse to one of the world's leading human rights lawyers is shocking! Find out how to support Mr. Donzinger

Episode 4

Discussion of the fear-driven Covid-19 narrative; ongoing efforts to resist government restrictions of the public; the loss of freedom seen around the world.

Episode 5

Tyna Moore, ND, DC, discusses the 'behavior' and mechanisms of all viruses particularly in obese people and the effects of the lockdown on our immune systems.

Episode 6

Discussion of Dr. Paul Thomas' study of several thousand child patients of his and the ultimate suspension of his Oregon medical license.

Episode 7

Alex Berenson, prolific author & New York Times reporter, thinks the push to vaccinate millions of people with the Covid-19 experimental vaccine & to censor the debate of its safety is "crazy!"

Episode 8

Senator Ron Johnson reviews the hearings on early Covid-19 treatments and the failures of the past few years re: the 'pandemic.'

Episode 9

Rob Bilott was a longtime pro-corporate lawyer who represented big chemical companies — until one day he received a letter from a farmer in West Virginia whose cows were dying. Listen & learn what happened!

Episode 10

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. interviews Riverkeeper Nelson Brooke, spokesman and patrolman for the Black Warrior River watershed in Alabama, who is fighting back against powerful, entrenched interests.

Episode 11

This revered trial lawyer discusses the litigation against Motorola company, who knew for decades that cell phones caused cancer yet encouraged their use by adults and children.

Episode 13

Former VP & chief scientist in respiratory research at Pfizer discusses Covid-19 vaccine: the roll-out, novel mRNA technology, spike proteins, injuries and variants.

Episode 15

Following their Covid-19 vaccines, this woman's son & husband went to the hospital where blood clots, migraines, permanent lung damage & poor ambulation were diagnosed.